You are not your experiences – Onilude Segun

You are not your experiences – Onilude Segun

My dear friend , there is a posture to assume to get the best from life and to attain a good level of productivity in your interactions with the world — keeping your emotions intact.

The happenings around you will not always have a singular nature , some days are stressful while some are stress free , some people are very difficult to deal with while some are easy-going , some people are accommodative while some are intolerant , some events makes you very happy while some brings you down. In all of these , the essential factor that holds you is the ability to keep your mind stable regardless of the situation.

A good aspect of maturity is seen in the level to which you are not carried away or found reacting based on your current experience. You should be the same comported and well-behaved person when you have plenty money in your account and when the balance is in zero , when you are offended and moved to anger and when you are calm , when you are happy and when you are sad.

You may be thinking “so why did he choose to discuss this with me ?” .

Am telling you all these because it is costly to live in a manner that is solely determined by your current experience. The human mind is good at making assumptions , you can’t afford to see people that would have helped you begin to have wrong notions about you because of the way you reacted to them when you were not in good mood neither do you want to mess up a big profit-making project because of your aggression — Learn to separate your experiences from who you are.

Finally , the stability of your senses is required to achieve productivity and relate appropriately with others , never allow the current occurrences around you affect the way you respond to life. Always remember : You are not your experiences and by implication always separate yourself from your circumstances.

Your friend,

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Segun Onilude.


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