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  1. A busy wife will have a vibrant social life so she will understand and respect his social life because she knows that there is more to life than marriage and networking is important
  2. A busy wife will not be nagging or possessive. She will be too busy living her life to become insecure when he fails to pick up his calls or reply quickly to her texts for legitimate reasons
  3. A busy wife will have stimulating conversations. She will have more to talk about than house chores. Her mind is exposed to other matters of life and so she can debate with him and challenge him
  4. A busy wife is a good model to the children. The children grow up knowing that there is more to a woman than being a wife and a mother and that a woman can succeed just like the man
  5. A busy wife is like the Proverbs 31 woman, she brings admiration to the man. He goes about in society praising her for her achievements, he is proud when he hears people speaking well of his wife. He calls her blessed
  6. A busy wife will value her time. She will not spend her time gossiping, ganging up with idle women or just sitting and watching soap operas and celebrities for hours and hours. No, her time is important, she is protective with her time and is focused on progress
  7. A busy wife supports the husband. She doesn’t sit pretty waiting for him to do everything. She takes pride in contributing to the family and making sure the family stands
  8. A busy wife gives a husband reasons to brag to other women. Instead of admiring other women, he brags about his wife and all her greatness… “My wife likes to say that… ” he brags about her
  9. A busy wife is missable. Because she is not just waiting for him every time but is actively pursuing her own mission, the two miss each other and look forward to reconnecting when they meet at home. Some times she travels in pursuit of her life purpose or business and he learns to value her presence
  10. A busy wife is more emotionally rational. Because she handles alot of demanding and stressful scenarios outside of the domestic matters, she has learnt how not to overreact, how to keep calm, how to find solutions and how to offer leadership
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Husbands, if you want a busy wife, support her and believe in her. Ask her what is her dream, help in raising the children, be interested in her goals, show her that you are proud of her

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech


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