WHO TO MARRY – Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul-Enenche

WHO TO MARRY – Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul-Enenche

Just replied a daughter’s message about her confusion of who to marry and thought to share it with you. I trust it will bless someone else too.

Please note that who you marry determines a whole lot about the outcome of your life at the long run.
“It is well with U. No one should choose a husband for you. However, use these guides:

  1. Is he God-fearing?
  2. Do you have complimentary visions? Are you headed the same direction?
  3. Does he lie to you?
  4. Does he respect you?
  5. Does he respect your wishes?
  6. Does he encourage you and strive to bring out the best in you, or is he intimidated by your success?
  7. Is he obedient to God?
  8. Does he love and respect his mum? If he doesn’t respect his mum, from where will he manufacture respect for you or for your parents and family?
  9. Will he wait for you when you cannot be there for him? Does he have self-control or wants to sleep with you before marriage? If he cannot wait for you to get married first, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t wait for you when you travel or when you put to bed and cannot be there with him.
  10. Finally, let me stop with this one. Is he eternity conscious? We are only sojourners in this world. Our destination is Heaven. Never allow into your life, anybody that will cause you to miss your eternal destination—Heaven.

If you take time and truly answer these questions and not make excuses for anyone, you will marry the right man or woman and live a profitable life both here on earth and eternity. You shall not make marital mistake in Jesus Name. And if you have already made the mistake, I decree grace, wisdom and Divine intervention in Jesus Name. Peace.


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Source: Ndepo TV


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