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The secret of men is in their stories
According to God’s Servant (My husband):

You cannot be Joyful and not be Praiseful -James 5:3
You cannot be praiseful and not be Godful -Psalm 22:3
You cannot be Godful and not be Wonderful -Psalm 40:5

Sometime, during my husband’s birthday, pressmen asked me if there was anything I’d like to say about my husband, I said that there were many but I will say only a few, having been married to him for more than 35 years implying that I have known him for the most part of his life.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo is not on any medication or any supplement of any kind. You see him in the open, I see him virtually everyday in the open and in the closet.

2. By virtue of his position over the church (including schools and other organizations), he gets informed of several things happening everyday but he is always joyful.

3. During a very turbulent flight and halfway into the flight, I couldn’t stomach the turbulence anymore. i asked my husband “is it not possible to tell the pilot to find somewhere to land”? I didnt remember that unlike cars, there is no parking space in the air. He looked at me, smiled and said “Relax…….” (You know I’m still growing and this journey requires grace).

I have seen many things, but thank God I am still here!

4. At the time we were still at our old church facility at Raji Oba (Iyana Ipaja, Lagos), one friday night at our home, our first son David was very ill and gasping for life. I told my husband. He looked at the little boy and touched his head and said…Be Healed! Then he turned to me and said “There is All-Night, I’m on my way” and ‘TRULY TRULY’ he left. he actually left.
God healed him, otherwise , it could have been a different story today.

5. My husband finds time regularly to dance like a child at night in the bedroom. You will be surprised to see him dance, just the way he dances on the altar. he still finds time to carry his grandchildren on his back and both of them will be running after each other in the house.

6. Throughout the Shiloh season, we, the children and grandchildren always gather in his bedroom, praising and thanking God. Why won’t God move this commission forward?

My husband is always joyful and never sorrows.
Truly, it works!

Nothing will make you grumble from today again.
When you engage in Godly Praise, all sorrows and sighing flee away.
There is no solution in sorrow, so don’t give it room.
In tough situations, give God tough praise.


Newbirthminds is a ministry put together by the leading of the Holy Spirit, committed to raising and helping people live 24/7 for Jesus, and that these people will, in turn, lead others to do the same.

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