Good day dearly beloved of the Lord, in our last episode we learnt about how to discover your assignment, please ensure that you follow all the previous episodes.

Today I will continue on the choice of a life partner partner in fulfilling God’s mandate for you.

“Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper meet (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭2:18‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

One of God’s strategy for helping a man is to give him a wife and the characteristics of this wife is that She is Suitable, Adaptable and complementary for him and his mandate.

There are many good guys and ladies who are children of God oo but you can’t marry just anyone, God gives one who is suitable for you, Adaptable to your mandate and a complement.
It is God that makes a helper that will be meet for you, He created you, He knows what fits into your life, not everyone fits.

This is the reason why you can’t just choose for yourself, from the beginning it is God that chooses for His sons and daughters, He knows what fits you and your destiny, it is sweet to say I like her but ensure what you like is what God chooses.

Don’t get it twisted, the will of God is not bad or one person you don’t like and you are managing to stay with all in the name of the will of God, the will of God must become your will before you proceed, the system of the will of God is that He doesn’t force His will on you, as you are ready to follow Him, He will supply the ability to love His will.

Anyone that tells you that the will of God must be something you don’t like that’s not correct , I married the will of God, I didn’t use my brain, I followed God 100% and haba, I married my babe, I love her so much and she is cute also.

When Adam saw his will, He was like chai, Wao , yeee, this is the bone of my bone.
Don’t be afraid that the will of God will not be the best, He has your interest at heart, He knows you, He won’t give you what you hate, He will give you what is suitable, adaptable, complementary.

The challenge with us as believers is that we want Delilah and Mary together in one package, what are you actually looking for?

How do I know the will of God?
1. Ask the Lord to order your steps into His will for your life.

2. You must know How God speaks to you, The voice is the Lord is your direction map into His will for your life.
Mind you, you don’t have to dream about who to marry, I didn’t dream about my wife, no single dream at all and yet I am in the will of God.

If God speaks to you via dreams then that is fine but if dream is not the style then don’t look for dreams in choosing a life partner.

Mastering the voice of God is critical in choosing a life partner and even anything you want to do in life. The voice of the Lord is your escape route from frustration in life.

The will of God is not something hard that you are looking for, it is as simple as recognizing the voice of your parents.

I know my dad’s likes and hates because of my association with him.
Don’t think of the will of God if you have not established a quality and robust relationship with Him.

The will of God is as close to you as your heart beat, all you need do is to be able to pick it, can I tell you the truth, from the time I saw my wife in that village outreach where I met her,I knew she is my wife, there is a Spirit in you, it is your inner tracker, it can’t pick anything, the same way I can pick don’t travel there is an accident is the same way you will pick she is not your wife, the same way you will pick pray now is the same way you will pick she is your wife.

In discovering the will of God, build relationship with the Holy Spirit, Pray more in the Holy Ghost and study the word frequently, attend meetings, listen to spiritual songs, read spiritual books , listen to messages from anointed men of God, all these are systems of building your Spirit to be able to pick things.

I will continue in the next episode

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