What Is The Secret Of This Grace? Part 6 – P Daniel Olawande

What Is The Secret Of This Grace? Part 6 – P Daniel Olawande

Good day dearly beloved, it’s another day at the feet of Jesus as we dive deeper into the mystery of the secret of grace.

Today we will be looking into another core area that will birth success in life and ministry.

This is the mystery of the choice of your life partner, the starting point of a man’s success is getting married successfully. Any man or woman that will do well must trust God for this grace.

You can inherit houses and land from your parents, but a good wife only comes as a gracious gift from God!
Proverbs 19:14 TPT

A good wife and a good husband is a gracious gift from God.

I began to pray about the choice of a life partner early from my campus days, in fact I always attend a meeting by my relationship mentor Mama Jane Arowolo tagged direction for singles while on campus, I attended that meeting for 5 years every month, I learnt wisdom and I received prophetic word over my life and marriage.

Good marriage doesn’t come overnight, good marriage is a work.
I am privileged to be married to one of the best women on earth by the grace of God, I know she is a gift from God to me. PMOO made life easy for me, she made ministry easy for me, she made the home a home indeed for me, she gave me peace.
When the home front is settled, ministry will move at an exponential level.

I will share certain things to do if you desire to marry correctly and excel in life and ministry.
1. Get married to God- while you are single, please fall in love with God, serve him with all your life, give him your all, spend your life seeking him. Marriage is a salary from God to anyone who seeks the Lord with everything.
2. Seek knowledge- Don’t just be fasting and praying alone, read books, attend conferences, listen to messages, build your intellectual capacity, develop yourself  in every area including  relationship, I started buying books on temperament, relationship, 5 love languages purpose of marriage, purpose of man etc


3. Discover your purpose- Your purpose is the reason why you are created, the reason why God sent you here, purpose is the product in the mind of creator that necessitate the process of creation.
Don’t think of marriage if you have not discovered purpose. And only the manufacturer can know the full intent for manufacturing a product so God is the one that knows why you are here, to discover your purpose, discover God and when you find God you will find you. I will share later on how to discover purpose.
4. Have a stable source of income- You must have something you are doing that is bringing in something financially, don’t be a lazy and idle person, get your hands dirty, build your financial life, you might not have all you want but ensure something is coming in consistently.
Ladies please don’t see marriage as an ATM machine, you must at least add value, now you might be in school and not be working when you get married but ensure you are adding value to your spouse, add value emotionally, spiritually, help your man manage his funds, be an asset not a liability, build capacity.
Money is a reward for solving a problem, as a good wife you are also solving problems for your spouse so he should take good care of you .

I will continue in the next episode

I call you blessed

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