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At some point in my life I backslid. I called it my wilderness years, I lived in PortHarcourt that one year. I dated an unbeliever, mtchewwww… what ended our relationship was that I opened his bag and I saw wedding IV so after the marriage he now came and called me oneday, called me on the phone, ehmmm… am I in the office? wanted to drop by, I said why? “Wetin you loss wey you dey find” he said uhmm…wanted to talk to me about something, I didn’t answer him.

I got to the office, my boss called me and said oh! we have someone in the office who says he’s here to see you, I said ME? In the office? I don’t take guest in the office, he said No that this person is downstairs. I came downstairs and saw him, I said wetin you dey find? I said what are you looking for?? Because then he use to call me Mildred, I said what are you looking for? He said oohh!! He’s marriage is a mistake, I said OK!! so how do I come in? Because I don’t talk to married men! I don’t talk to married men ooo…do you understand? I want you to understand what am saying because a lot of you romance Sin, a married man is sitting you down and telling you how his wife is making him unhappy, the challenges he’s facing with her, bla! bla!! bla!!!…and you counsellor general you don’t know that Satan wants to destroy your destiny!!! “She no good, she no good, she dey him house 25years” and you solution provider!! So he came and I said what do you want? He said that he needs to clear his head and so he was wondering if we could go somewhere together. I said, let me escort you to your car because you know this is a work place and there’s a certain behaviour, there’s a way you must conduct yourself in the office, so I said let me walk you to your car. “As we reach him motor” I said look me, he looked on me, I said yes this is Isioma not Mildred, Look at me! I said you see ehn, the God that I serve he will help me to punish you! Yes I know I’m a pastor I shouldn’t say this but someone needs to hear this! I said the God I serve will help me to punish you! The guy looked at me, “So i no good to marry, I good to let’s go somewhere ” God will help me to punish you and peradventure you want to repent you will still collect the punishment before you repent” I was that mad! And that’s intentional.

See! Let me tell you, they are some things you have to face head on!! I don’t know how he’s going to take it, tell him to GET LOST! Let’s try, tell him to get lost let’s see how he takes it!
You’ve made a mistake, must you stay in that mistake? I know why I’m shouting this, I know why I’m telling you! So please don’t marry unbeliever! They never think about anybody but themselves, if you allow them treat you anyhow they will useless your life and destiny, so you must carry yourself with a certain level of dignity.

If you are going to sustain this revival, you must have to let them know that the person I was before is not the same person I am today. When you sleep with somebody’s husband you can never sleep again in your life because you will believe same to your own husband if you do get married that he’s doing same thing, so stop it! This Revival is real, stop being jealous, stop throwing people down! You can’t build something but you’re destroying it with your mouth, you can’t do anything when you pull other people down. You’re too busy destroying when you don’t have time to build….

©Pastor Mildred Okonkwo

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