The only basis at which you can see God is measured in proportion with the love you have for Him. The secret for spiritual popularity and relevancy is not reliant on how well you can pray or how long you can fast. So many indulge in spiritual activities for their canal and selfish purposes. Many wants fire and the anointing just for show off of God’s power and manifestation of unconscious proud attitudes, for unnecessary respects and reference and for financial purposes. Some have been praying amis and as a result of that, it led to wastage of precious time and energy. Some are running after what seems spiritual but in the economy of God, they are just a mere display of canality and appetite. Many want to be great in ministries but only few knows the secret.


The only secret to it is love for the Father, a reciprocal of the love he has for us in John 3:16. The truth is that God loves us unconditionally and he is looking for that man who can show the same amount of love he has shown us. The level of operation of a believer is measured with his spiritual stature and his spiritual stature is a reflection of his encounter with God.

So many claimed to have seen Jesus but what they might have seen were just mere imaginations, you can’t have an encounter with the Father and be spiritually starved and malnourished, an encounter with the holies of holies is supposed to keep you for a lifetime except you are not totally dead to flesh just like the case of Judas Iscariot.


Many believers would find it hard to serve God the right way because of that singular knowledge they have of Him or what they have heard people say about Him. Brethren, I tell you, the only way to serve God is when you have seen and beheld his glory. In God’s economy, love is obedience. That’s why God’s Word says, if you love me, keep my commandments. You can never say you love God and your life is a full display of energized rebellion and disobedience to His commandments.

For every instruction, there is a promotion and for every promotion is a privilege to get closer to God. God is a God of process and principles. One can’t skip a process and claims to attempt other processes and God can never change His mind as regards the instruction He has given you. Just like in the case of Abraham and Isaac. Before God can reveal Himself to you, you have to obey and trust Him blindly . Remember ‘seek first’ (long after, thirst, love Hunger for, crave for, cry for, inquire for) the Kingdom of God (His works, ways, protocols, operations, economy and methodology) and every other thing (good health, financial strength, enlarged ministry and whatever good things of life) shall be added unto you.

So from today can we just love God blindly without any condition or requirement for Him and see the wonder working power of His office play out in your life. The secret why great men of God are great is not because of their excellence in prayers or their oratorial dexterity but for their LOVE FOR GOD is second to none.

Note: all of these spiritual exercises (praying, fasting, giving, worship and the rest) are acts of love but they should be done according to God’s commandment. God could be requesting for your prayer and one is fasting, that is not love. Love is total obedience without leaving a single instruction. The love for God is for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. So, let’s stop our pursuit for canality and truly Love God from today.

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If you want to give your life to Christ or rededicate your life back to God. I bring you good news that Christ was and still is the propitiation for our sins. say this after me “Lord Jesus, i believe that you died and resurrected to save me from my sins. I accept you into my life as my Lord and Personal Savior. Write my name in the book of life, Take all of me Lord and let your name be glorified in Jesus name (Amen).” If you have done this sincerely, I rejoice with you, you’re BORN AGAIN. Attend a bible believing Church as you walk intimately with Him in the study of His Word and prayers; Continually yield yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit for Him to guide you into all truth (John 14:26; 16:13; Romans 8:14).

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God Bless You, Amen!

[Written by: Jegede Oluwatosin]

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