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TRUE EXISTENCE – By Okoko Emmanuel

TRUE EXISTENCE – By Okoko Emmanuel

A message of God from His spirit indwelt in me to you

Ahh don’t die without the investment of divinity in you manifesting

You’ll think you have bought houses and cars then fill fulfilled with property ownership but all those things doesn’t really strike a cord where it matters

Don’t waste the investment of divinity in you

God wouldn’t have wasted his time designing a whole structure like you to come and build house only here on earth. It’s all good but don’t neglect the original purpose of your creation

You are too loaded to lower your fulfilment to just having money.
Ahh my sister check there is more
It’s not true. Check well, please do check

I know what I am saying

Do you know that you are a creation of eternity not a creation of time?

If you understand this then you’ll seek to ensure that your life fulfill the desires of eternity

You are only going through time for a reason and that reason should I tell you?
To bring pleasure to God
God has been existing all in Himself. He is called I AM. The all sufficient one

So at a time he wanted to make something that could bring him pleasure apart from himself

The he carried out an experiment and the result was man

Have you not read scriptures that reads For thou art created all things and for thy pleasure they are well created Rev. 4:11

You don’t know yourself ooo

Sincerely I tell you

You don’t know what you are made up of, who made you and the reason for your existence


It’s far more than the things you’ve written down, the plans you have made, the picture in your mind

Check the mirror of divinity to see the real YOU.

Okoko Emmanuel


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