There Is An Issue – Pastor Femi Lazarus

There Is An Issue – Pastor Femi Lazarus


I remember that long night. We had just finished evacuating our family members from a turbulent region of Kano where scores of people had been killed; men and women whose death never made any headline in any of our news outlets. It was a very dark but long night; every sound mattered, every movement sparked fear in our hearts, from the sound of the calendar on the wall that is being tossed to and fro by the breeze to the ‘tick tock’ sound of the wall clock, death was certainly moving freely in the City, only the preserved made it.

I speak as a Nigerian who has spent most of his life in the north; I speak as one who can speak well two out of the three major languages in Nigeria, and actively learning the third, I speak as a true Nigerian. I speak as one who has seen bloodshed flowing from various parts of the country over the years.

Nigeria as a nation is struggling to rise simply because any land that allows the shedding of innocent blood without justice has never stood the test of time; our history books are full of stories of empires that once existed and are now a fairy tale. Will Nigeria survive this current situation? Only God knows! Apparently this is more critical than we all think.×300&!7&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=uJChMrxD3z&p=https%3A//

Just yesterday a suicide bomber was caught in a church building that contains thousands of worshipers. God forbid, should that building was brought down, it probably would have just been one of those things. My greatest fear for us as a nation is our ability to recover quickly from every shock wave.

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More than ever it is clear that this is the time when we all need to be involved in various sectors of the country; from political sector to security, to finance, education, and all other sectors. It is also important that we note those who try to stop the influence of the church in these sectors as our major enemies. We have folded our hands long enough, and it is high time we acted meaningfully.

What is currently happening is really scary and should be taken as seriously as possible. This nation seems like a place that is ready to explode at any time, the question now is; will we sit back and let some people who have no value for human lives destroy us all?
When we encourage people to pray, be careful not to downplay the role of prayers! Nations that took the road of self defense and retaliation have still not recovered till date. Yes we will pray, but much more than that we will all be involved in the building of this nation.
#AllLivesMatters #AllSoulsMattersToGod
#PrayforNigeria #CANsaysNoToBloodshed
#EnoughOfBloodshed #EnoughOfInjustice

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