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There is a spirit behind deafness and blindness – Benny Hinn

There is a spirit behind deafness and blindness – Benny Hinn

“I was in Durban, South Africa, in 1982 at a meeting being conducted by evangelist Reinhardt Bonnke. I watched closely as he began to rebuke the spirit of infirmity. Then he became very specific: “I rebuke the devil of blindness! You devil of deafness, come out!” And he continued using this terminology as he prayed for those with cancer, arthritis, and other illnesses. People were being healed everywhere.

This was amazing to me. Even though I prayed for the sick in my own meetings, I never thought a blind person had a spirit that needed to be rebuked. I was just praying, “Lord, heal them.” The only time I rebuked anything was when there was a physical manifestation of the devil’s presence in a person.

When I returned to North America, I began rebuking illness, and suddenly the power of God was healing and delivering people as never before. This was prior to our crusades, when I was conducting services in various cities.

About that time we began holding monthly healing meetings in Orlando and about 200 people would show up. But when I began rebuking sicknesses, the crowds rapidly grew to over 2,000. Why? Because miracles were taking place at an unprecedented rate. Our ministry exploded!

Later, at one of our crusades in North Carolina, the Lord told me to ask every deaf person to come to the front of the auditorium. At least 30 or 40 stepped forward. I stood on the platform and said, “You deaf spirit, I rebuke you in Jesus’ name and command you to come out!”
Almost instantly, the ears of one after another began to pop open. Why? Because there was a demon behind their deafness and that spirit was broken.”
Excerpt From “Angels and Demons” (2011) by Benny Hinn


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