There is a dimension of grace that will enable you to accomplish so much things but there there is just little that you are to do is call great grace, do you believe what am telling?

There is a dimension called the favor of God. Where strangers will feed your flocks and your gate will continually be open to receive the favor of gentiles, you will step into place and see people beating there self left right centere to make way for you and you will be wondering what is this? It is not about my qualification, my name doesn’t sound it, where jobs will look for you without you finding…… Do you believe what am saying?

The grace of God.

where you will be laying down you are not fasting, you are not praying but revelation will begin to be downloaded and when you step out people will think you have been indoor for 200 days, but you just open the bible and see a strange light from genesis to revelation, it’s call great grace.

God will be communication to you what to do, direction from God, Do you believe what am saying? Supernatural accomplishment.
some of you your family member, you will be setting and some one will come and carry a cheque and say the lord lead me to sow for the building that have been waiting……..the grace of God.
You visit a family and they told you the children have not been moving forward, no admission and you just say lord we release Grace let there be a supply of grace and suddenly you will call and hear that two of them are married, two are doing master, grace that bring acceleration..

Let me tell you something, you will accomplish more this year, am not just prophecing am speaking to you sincely, you will accomplish more this year.

Many of you who are trusting God to set up structure that can bring food to your table you will receive idea and enabling of the spirit, you will move with the strength of a nation……. Many of you will run like Elijah, this is the year you will move with speed….

Many of you will begin to sow seed in million I know is not making sense to you but believe what am saying tonight, believe me, great grace, it is beyond your prayer life, great grace.

….believe what am telling you, the grace of God can make you accomplish mighty things beyond your imagination.

… When you understand how to walk in this grace that is available to you as believer, the devil cannot stop you never.

©️Apostle Joshua Selman

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