The True Meaning Of Beauty – Pastor Iyke Oyeka

The True Meaning Of Beauty – Pastor Iyke Oyeka

See beauty with brain and body well covered.

Cheap girls expose their body but great, wise and powerful ladies (QUEENS) expose their mind.

That is why cheap girls attract only g-boys and whore mongers(Useless and lustful men especially useless sugar daddies) while queen attract kings.

Cheap ladies are liabilities (They take from you), they subtract and divide your wealth.

Queens are assets ( They add and multiply your wealth)

Cheap ladies believe their bodies are their assets and invest so much on marykay, Brazilian hair etc.

While queens know their minds is their greatest assets and invest so much on books, conferences, seminars, watching YouTube and mentorship.

Ladies, hear me and hear me well.
Faithful, visionary, great and powerful men are not attracted to your body but to your mind.

They need a companion whose mind is rich and wealthy enough to counsel them when needed.

I hope this blessed you.

Extracts from the Emerald female conference 2020.


Source: Dunamis Hub

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