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I have seen how a man, a believer for that matter can search for another man of God. They can do all they can to be where Apostle Joshua Selman is. They can ensure that in every meeting of Apostle Arome Osayi they are always there but their secret place is calling them.

Satan can allow you to run about looking for one man of God but he won’t allow you to spend even just 30mins with God and you’ll think having hundreds of Apostle’s messages makes your altar burning. You can begin to think that because you do not miss any church programme, you have stamina in the realm of the spirit. You are weak my brother.

If the heavens does not see you personally everyday in the place of prayers then you have no strength. Some of us are not even recognized when the angels begin to scan to see those with real stamina in the spirit realm. We have no voice in the spirit because we have long left our secret place.

It is not bad to follow men of God but ask yourself have you truly known the God you say they are serving? Is it not the man you follow despising the God of that man? You know nothing my sister. You are weak when the radars of Zion scans you.

My brother my sister, that same God that is in these men of God remember that He is also in you and not too far from thinking, He is your Father. I mean everyone of us Father. The last time I checked, He didn’t die for the pastors you are following alone. He didn’t die for the evangelists alone. He died for you and I. The whole world and this is so that intimacy can be returned, this is so that the man of fellowship that God created in the garden of Eden can truly have that same access again to His throne.


Everyone of us has access to this throne of our God. Do not praise a man to the extent that you begin to forget that the reason you are following him that seriously is because there is a God that he is following.

Ephesians 3:12 says “because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence”

Do you now see the requirement(s) to visiting the throne room of God? It is “Christ” and “your faith” in Him. Not the man of God’s faith. You too have access. Personal access. Make use of this spirit of truth in you. He is waiting, arms wide opened for you to run back to him.

Please go back to the place of intimacy. Return to the place of Koinonia. It matters. You are what is built up in your spirit man not what you hear from a man of God. You yourself can tell that in all the messages you have in your phone, you haven’t even seen one of them that is functional in you. There is no one message manifesting in your life. It is not the fault of the man of God. It is your fault. You have no capacity inside of you. You are weak. The only place you are strong is in the presence of God. Not church, not Bible study meeting, not prayer meetings, but “The presence of God”. The presence of God that you are able to enter in your secret place.


This is what keeps a man. The secret place. Do not say there is no time, you have time for other things but prayer. You have time for doing nothing but prayer. Funniest thing is this; ask some people what they did throughout their day and you’ll find out that it added nothing to their spirituality and even their physical lives.

Make it intentional to serve God. The best thing God ever need from a man is his time not money, not your voice but his time.

To every altars here that has died, I decree life in the name of Jesus. You begin to receive the power and grace to visit your prayer Altars in the name of Jesus. Please connect to this prayer. It will do something to you. The God that has given me the strength to keep my secret place on fire will follow you up and begin to work out things in your life. I command the quickening spirit of the Father rest upon someone right now in the name of Jesus.

Spend time with God today and see how it pleases Him.

[Written by: Okoko Emmanuel]

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