The reward for Hard-Work

The reward for Hard-Work

Dear friend,

If you have ever paid attention to some of our conversations when we still see each other constantly , there is a statement I say often which is a product of my discovery so far in life — except we want to live a mediocre life, our engagements will keep increasing as we transit from one stage to the other in our endeavors.

Certain times in our life, we tend to exert all the effort we can gather into something that it may yield good result , and this is very good ,as diligence is a major catalyst of success.

However, we get it all wrong when we assume that the moment our effort yields a good level of result we can go and rest. This happens because we have refused to understand that the reward for hard-work is more work. It is one thing to get result , it is another thing to sustain it and most times it requires more work to sustain than to build.

The author and management consultant , Peter Drucker puts it this way : The greatest enemy of tomorrow’s success is today’s success. And this happens as a result of the fact people tend to relent in their effort the moment they attain a reasonable level of success.

Never forget this :

Be happy with where you are but refuse to remain there. Stay away from unhealthy competition , instead strive to beat your last record. And remember, you are not permitted to quit until you have crossed the finishing line.

To see you succeed all-round is my utmost desire. I hope this letter has triggered your energy to do more.

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Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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