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THE PASTOR’S WIFE – Philip Ojealao

THE PASTOR’S WIFE – Philip Ojealao

The anointing on Pastor’s wives

1. She is anointed to Minister to the one who Ministers to the Congregation.

2. She might not Preach in church but she Preaches to your Preacher.

3. She might not be celebrated in Church but she makes the one you celebrate to be celebrated

4. She may not lay hands on you but she lays her hands on the one who prays for you.

5. She may not give you the shoulder to cry on but she is the shoulder of the one you cry to.

6. She may not prophesy to you but she prophesy to your Prophet.

7. She may be a weak vessel yet she is the one who makes your Pastor strong.

8. She protects your Pastor from wolves and agents of darkness.

If you know any Pastor’s wife surprise her with a wonderful gift and say thank you to her for taking care of the one who takes care of You.
She is an Amazing Gift.
God bless all pastor wives

– Philip Ojealao


Adegboyega Oluwadamilare

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