The Mindset That Thrives

The Mindset That Thrives

The Mindset That Thrives

Dear friend,

We are in the days where thriving in your space is essential to attain relevance.However, to thrive you have to do away with certain mindset completely.

I will share two of such with you.

The first is the consumer mentality — in the actual sense, consumers are meant to use what was produced by others.The consumer mentality also function in this mode, that is, instead of seeking to be creative or wanting to build something you rather prefer to remain in your comfort zone and rely on what was created by others.

The world is interested in people who go out of their way to think outside the box to create something that solves the problem of others.And the first step to realizing this is to see yourself as a producer and start creating something.

The second mindset, is the entitlement mentality —and this is very common.It puts you in a position where you believe everyone owes you something.That’s what makes you think the government, your parent or background is responsible for your downtime in life.

But I put this to you, you are solely responsible for everything you are experiencing in life — nobody owes you anything.

Understanding this is key to taking responsibility for your life.

You have to see the rise and fall of your life as a product of your decisions.

For as you keep putting the blame on others for your circumstances in life, no visible change will ever happen, but as you put it all on yourself suddenly the way out begin to show forth.

In conclusion, the antidote to the consumer mentality is taking ownership and the antidote to the entitlement mentality is taking responsibility.

My friend, to see you thrive is my earnest prayer. But you must understand that things will only be able to happen within the limits of your mind.

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Take responsibility and expand your mind now.

I hope my letter met you well, do well to share with your friends also.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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