The Man Called Luck

The Man Called Luck

The Man Called Luck

Dear Friend,

I want to draw your attention to a very popular phenomenon that has been considered to be favorable only to some selected set of people — it’s the concept of luck.

Many times, we have attributed the unusual success or breakthrough of certain people to luck , using that popular phrase, “he is just lucky ” or “she is just lucky”. Whether they are truly lucky or not as we term it, will be determined by my next line of thought.

This I have to tell you my friend, and I want you to think well about it. What has generally been referred to as luck is actually opportunity meeting preparedness and the people we refer to as lucky are those who take good advantage of those opportunities.

What this imply is that, the factor that puts you in that lucky state is what you do with the opportunities that comes to you.

You may want to say, “but opportunities comes once in a lifetime”. Well that may not be true , because every single day opportunities are hanging everywhere waiting for who to grab them. The question is, are you well positioned to see them?

So, don’t just sit down there waiting for that very big opportunity to come, do something with the little opportunities around you. Keep building capacity, acquire much competence and keep delivering value. So that by the time the big opportunity comes , you will be able to take advantage of it.

Its one thing for opportunity to come and its another thing to utilize it well. Understand that what you do today will determine how well you will utilize the opportunity that will come tomorrow. For opportunities abound much more for men of action, stop lazying around get your hands on something.

My friend , if only you will think well about this thing I have written to you and take necessary action on it, maybe, just maybe, you may also be regarded as that very lucky person tomorrow.

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I hope my letter met you well, the essential thing is that you take corresponding actions where necessary.

I hope to see you soon, remember to stay safe

Your friend,

Segun Onilude


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