Wow! you are amazed! The lion that does not roar? 😯. Yes I have found one. I think I have seen some lately and it really pains me and I say to myself maybe they have forgotten their identity and capacity.

Who are these lions that does not roar that I have found? They are believers that will not wake up to pray. They are believers that won’t stand to gain their true position and status in Christ.

I have so much studied about lions and I have come to learn two things from these set of creation.

  1. Lions are not able to roar until they are 2years old. Oh what a long period for them but a compulsory waiting and working period for them.

Lesson to learn from this
When we newly accepted Christ, less was expected of us. So if you didn’t have a consistent prayer routine then it was almost seen as normal. Why? It’s because you were just newly birthed so your bones are not strong, you can’t walk yet. That’s right! We understand that but please there is a time to start roaring. You must grow.

Say to yourself ‘I must grow’

We are sons of the 🦁 (Lion) of the tribe of Judah therefore we are lions spread out here on earth.

Let me tell you what lion represent. Lion represents ‘authority’, ‘territorial commanders’ and that is what we are but most people have spent 10years in the church and they still do not know how to roar and that’s why satan have always been able to sustain his wins. What could be the reason?

  1. The roar of a lion are of two types

I studied so much about lions and I realized that when they roar it is not all the same. We have what we call the ‘TERRITORIAL ROAR’. When a lion roars this kind of roar he is gaining stance and taking position as the true king of the jungle and all other animals flee but there is also another type of roar and it is called ‘PSEUDO/FAKE ROAR’. This kind of roar does not shake the forest. Other wild animals do not run away from it when they hear it.


Lesson to learn
Believers you have stayed too long in that state of small small prayers. Even when you speak in tongues you are asking yourself if it is tongues that you are speaking or you yourself are even confused. Your tongues is not shaking territory! That sickness is still there!

Don’t say it does not matter. It matters that you speak capital tongues. It affects the forces and strongholds of darkness and loosen their grips. You are still praying twice or thrice in a week.

My brother, my sister let me remind you, you are a LION and what gives you that identity and sustains it is your ability to always roar, roar in the place of prayers. You wake up in the morning your roar informing the territory that a lion has woken up so they should know their boundaries and limit. In the mid-night you roar again, you shake the territory and remind its strongholds that a higher authority is still in this household, in this city, in this town, in this country.

This is a call from pseudo/fake roar to a territorial one.

You are a territorial commander so ROAR

[Written by: Okoko Emmanuel]
The Lion’s tribe


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