The Lady Who Claimed I Am Supposed To Be Her Husband – Apostle Johnson Suleman

Somebody went to my father and told my father that she is in love with me. The old man was confuse, he said, my son? he’s married, she said “I know”, Lizzy took my place.

My father said he thought maybe I knew her before.

My father asked her, when did you know my son? She said, two years ago when he came to minister and God just told me, this is the bone of my bone but somebody else took my place.

My father called me; do you know this person? I said “who?”, he mentioned the person’s name. I said “somebody by that name has been sending me so many text messages but I have not met her, let me even see the person”.

When I saw her, I said; na wa o… In my usual self, I started laughing and walk away.

My father blocked her line, she bought a new sim card. She came to the church and stayed for two months. I told my protocols; You see that person, she must not come around me.

The next thing, she started abusing my father, my wife and I via text messages. After one year, I saw another number apologising for all the abuses and insults.

Satan wants to damage & disrupt all families, but the ones of those involved in full-time ministry are especially crucial to the unity of the church as a whole.

So Always pray for your man of God


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