The Honour Code (Pt. 4)

The Honour Code (Pt. 4)

The Honour Code (Pt. 4)

Dear friend,

Honour, as I stated at the beginning of this series is the quality of regarding someone or an entity with great respect, the last category of people you should regard with great respect are your spouse , friends , siblings , colleagues/co-workers and every other person you find yourself in interaction with.

This is essential because honour is a seed and as you extend to all these channels, you are sowing your seed. The time of harvest will come when your honour will give you access in the least expected place.

Furthermore, in extending honour , none of the channel mentioned must be left untouched ,neither should you extend honour to one channel in expense of the other — don’t be selective in extending honour.

From the security officer to the general manager in charge of the company you are working they deserve honour from you. From your youngest siblings , to your eldest family member they deserve to be honoured.

I can go on and on just to let you know how important it is that you pay attention to honour.

In conclusion , the key to extending honour is not to think of highly of yourself so much that you regard every other person less. See everyone around you as having something you will need someday.

It is on this note that I drop my pen on this subject.

Keep staying safe, I hope to see you soon.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.

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