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The Honor Code (Part 2)

The Honor Code (Part 2)

The Honor Code (Part 2)

Dear friend,

Sometimes in life , we don’t get access to certain experiences and accomplishments unless there is an input of men who have gone ahead of us and crossed the river before.

In this letter , we will go further by looking into another channel to extend honor to — Honor for the anointed and those that God has placed over you in authority.

This channel refers to a set of people who by the virtue of the grace of God upon their life and their position possess the ability to deliver inputs that can accelerate the course of your destiny in the shortest possible time.

There is a character of honor that is consistent regardless of the channel its being extended to , its the fact that honor comes with substance — it is an out-flowing action that stems from the heart and totally different from respect.

The first step to extend this honor is perception , the earlier you perceive what they carry and how what they carry can help your life and destiny , the easier it is to humble yourself in honor to receive from them. Other attributes are loyalty, esteeming them highly, because some of them may be your age mates and some even younger , it doesn’t dispute the fact that they carry/possess what you need.

There are two major limiting factors to extending honor to this channel — familiarity and offense. Familiarity is what makes you take for the granted the place this channel hold , as a result of your closeness to them while offense on the other hand is what makes you allow the shortcoming of the channels affect your perception about them. This things must be done away with and I will show you how to go about that:

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To handle familiarity , let these channel be distant in your heart , don’t get too close to them to the extent that your perception about them is altered.

To handle offense , you must have the understanding that the anointing is a perfect virtue in an imperfect vessel , so decide in your heart today not to take offense in the attitude of these channel , that way you will receive better.

One more thing, never take the honor for these set of people as human worship, it is entirely different ,human worship is allowing men take the place of God in your heart but honor for the anointed and those that are placed in authority over you is regarding them as a result of the endowment God has placed inside of them to bless you.

So my dear friend, as you have been honoring God , extend your honor to this channel also and see the drastic changes you will begin to experience as a result.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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