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The Heart of a Lion – By Onilude Segun

The Heart of a Lion – By Onilude Segun

In the last episode , I wrote to you on the concept of gumption — the quality of a man that gives him the impetus to step out and take action. It is however interesting to know that , the problem with some people is not the feeling of reluctance to step out and do something. They have taken courageous and bold steps towards their business , academics , relationship and different areas of concern. But sometimes they tend to back out because of a failed attempt.

The lion is characterized with courage, strength and bravery ,these qualities gives it the quality to aim for its desires until its gets it no matter the amount of trials. The same applies to the man that wants to have his desires on the palm of his hands, he must not back out on the first try.

You have sent several business proposals to some companies , yet the response keeps being unfavorable. Don’t be dejected , send another one tomorrow until they see the need for the service you offer. For you , it may be that you have had several failed attempts to further your education , don’t back out apply again.

Let the purpose that pushed you to that desire stand strong in your heart. No matter the feedback you get, keep at it! Be sure to be optimistic at every point, regardless of the circumstance that surrounds you , let that picture of actualization never fade away in your heart.

Finally, my dear friend

Life punishes timidity and faint-heartedness , but honors courage which is a quality of a lion’s heart. If you must have the lion share you must have the lion’s heart.

Do away with that faint-heart and embrace the courageous and dogged heart of a lion that makes it thrive in the jungle. To see you thrive is my greatest desire and it is to that end that I write to you always. Till next time again.

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Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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