The Gift of Men (Pt.2) — The Arrangers

The Gift of Men (Pt.2) — The Arrangers

As I continue in this series, its essential to point out to you that the conversations in this series are not in anyway to make you put your hope or expectations in men. All hopes and trust should be in God and Him alone, it is only important for you to understand this concept because usually when God wants to move on your behalf , men are usually the channels through which He does that and they function in different categories.

There are stages in our life when we have done all that we know to do and the final verdict on whether our efforts is a success or not is dependent on the decision of men , some other time the best bet is to have someone speaking on our behalf ,another situation is when opportunities are around us and we are either unable to se them or unable to access them.

Every time we find ourselves in any of the cases mentioned above , there are always men who are stationed to arrange things for us and connect us to the reality we so desire — they are the advisers.

Usually, they are people who are either influential or have access to certain rights or privileges that we do not have at the time and that gives them an edge and equips them with that which they can use in helping us.

Our responsibility every time we sense the activity of these set people around us is to be receptive, stay in touch constantly with them and honor them.

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I want you to reflect on those times when you submitted a proposal and it was because someone who was in the decision meeting stood his ground for you until your proposal was approved or the time when it was based on the recommendation of someone that you were validated for an opening and for you it may be that you met your present fiancé/spouse through someone. All these someone are the arrangers in your life , never despise them for they are agent s of help sent to you.

My dear friend , as you go forth in life , expect men like this to rise up for you at every point where you seem helpless and you need a voice to speak or an helping hand to raise you up for your large place.

An army of helpers have risen for you!

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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