The Gift of Men (Pt. 1) — The Advisers

The Gift of Men (Pt. 1) — The Advisers

My dear friend , rising in life has been structured in a way that no man can claim to be self-made. Each stage we get to in life is patterned in such a way that we always need someone to get to where we are going , and this is a more reason why we must appreciate our co-existence together.

Every human being you come across in life and possibly get to relate with always have a role to play in your life regardless of their personality. It then becomes your responsibility to be sensitive and discerning enough to identify them for what they represent and receive from them no matter what.

In this series , I will be expounding on the different classifications of men based on the role they play in our life , the first of which is the advisers.

At some point in life , you find yourself in a state of confusion as to what to do . sometimes what you need is direction and some other time what you need is a few minutes of conversation with someone and the long unanswered question in your heart gets an answer. It is at this point in our life that the advisers come in, they are the ones that come into our life at this point of helplessness and with their words lift us back up on our feet for the journey.

The know-it-all approach will not take you far in life , there is always somebody with a knowledge ahead of yours in that area and you will need their input to accelerate your journey. Their attitude might not be pleasing , they might appear intolerable but the moment you recognize that they are playing this role in your life , be wise enough to keep up with them as long as they are fulfilling their assignment in your life.

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As I conclude this episode , I recount those points of my life when it was the input of the advisers around me that lightened the darkness of confusion that stagnated me. If you look around you and it seems as though you don’t have someone playing this role in your life , please pay attention , recognize them and utilize their position in your life.

I pray God gives you understanding.

Your friend,
Segun Onilude.


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