The Gift of Men (conclusion) — The Anointed

The Gift of Men (conclusion) — The Anointed

I started out this series by pointing out the fact that God is sovereign and men are the major instrumentality through which He comes through for us. There are certain men who by the means of what is termed as the grace of election, are empowered to represent and dispense certain dimensions of God’s possibilities to humanity, on the outside they look like every other person , but upon them is grace that activates possibilities.

My dear friend , I tell you a truth you should never forget:
Whenever the distance between you and the anointed is shortened , be discerning enough to know that God is about to give answer to your prayer and this is one of the fastest means God answers prayer.

Sometimes what unlocks the entrance of other gifts of men into our lives is an encounter with the anointed.

I give you an outline of the best disposition to have when you have anointed around you :

  • Honor them with all your heart
  • Do no get familiar with them — some of them may be your friends , siblings , parents or spouse, but never allow your close proximity to them hinder your reception of what is upon them.
  • Refuse to hold any offence against them — understand that the anointing is a perfect substance in an imperfect vessel (man) so no matter what the nature or personality of the man let the honor for what is on him keep you from holding offence against him.
  • Make a demand on the anointing — its not just enough to honor the anointed, when you are in need make a demand on that grace and your needs will always be met.
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As I conclude this series , I love to re-emphasize to you that the common disposition to have to all men regardless of the form in which they appear to us as gifts is being intentional about having a good relationship with them , that way you enjoy the best of what they have been assigned to deliver to you.

I love to hear from you !

Your friend,

Segun Onilude


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