The Dispute Between Archbishop Benson Idahosa And Bishop Duncan Williams – Apostle Johnson Suleman

There is a man in Ghana called “Duncan Williams”.. He’s a great man and also a prayer machine. All his preaching is coined around prayer.

He was raised up by a man called ‘Archbishop Benson Idahosa’. One time, a man called ‘TL Osborn’ came to Nigeria and ministered in Nigeria. So they took him to Ghana and he ministered in Ghana.

When he(TL Osborn) got back, he thought that the church in Ghana was one of the branches of Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Not knowing, the church belongs to Duncan Williams.

So, he(TL Osborn) sent a letter, appreciating the Archbishop and also the pastor of that branch(Duncan Williams). Duncan got angry and said am not his branch pastor, am a general Overseer. He replied TL Osborn, “don’t call me branch pastor”. And TL Osborn sent the letter to Archbishop Benson Idahosa. Archbishop said; Duncan, come and see me. He(Duncan Williams) said, “am not coming..”

Everybody tried to talk to him, he said; He’s not coming… I’m what I am today, I made myself..

The Archbishop wrote him a letter, “since you have come off age, I take my hands off you and I release you to the world”.

The CIA in Ghana have been on him for seven years but could not get him, it was the week the Archbishop wrote the letter, they found him.

Guess what? He travelled to America and his wife called him and said the CIA have been around our house for over a week now.. He(Duncan Williams) said, am finished.

He began to ask questions.. The CIA said, for seven years, we have been trying to get you but this week, we just found an opening on how to get you…he said, ”am finished, what do I do”.

Thank God for good wives..the wife said, “go back to your father”. He called mama, where is Daddy? She said, he’s in London. He said please forgive me and mama(wife of Archbishop Benson Idahosa) said, “come, I will take you to daddy”.

They flew to London, when he saw Archbishop coming out, he fell on the ground, saying “have mercy”. Archbishop Benson Idahosa said, “stand up, what happened to you?”. He said, for seven years, the CIA have been trying to get me, they just got me.. They want to arrest me.

Archbishop said, ” Satan, this quarrel is between me and my son, back off”. Archbishop Benson Idahosa prayed for him and he went back. His wife called him, the wife said the CIA just sent a message that they are actually sorry, it was a mistaken identity..

O Lord….Open my eyes.. May I not abuse my covering!


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