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THE ANOINTING – Apostle Joshua Selman

THE ANOINTING – Apostle Joshua Selman

Anointing is a system that legitimizes the operation of a believer, it is letting your authorization to represent his majesty in this side of his kingdom. The anointing is God’s ability at work in a human or a material vessel to produce God’s dimension of results.

The Bible says, it is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous. It is only when it is God’s doing that it is marvelous but if it is man’s doing it will be natural.

There is a price for the anointing. When you want to access the anointing of the Holy Spirit there is a price and the price is hidden in a statement in the scripture Proverbs 23 vs 26.

So the first price for the anointing is Relationship, intimacy. Listen to me, you can not be anointed from afar so he has to draw you into Sonship where you will understand that the anointing is a business of a family. It is a family affair, so you can not host the anointing of the Holy spirit being a stranger.

So when God is beckoning on men to obtain and to receive the anointing, the first thing on his mind is not to come and receive but the first one his mind is MY SON, come closer, move closer to the place of intimacy, pass the gate of the church, place the gate of religion, pass the gate of a man of God and woman of God.

The second price is the price of total, absolute, unreserved surrender. THE PRICE FOR ALL OF GOD IS ALL OF YOU. Some of us think that the price for all of God is your offering, while some think it’s their intellect.No, no, not all these are too small. When you want all of God, the price you most pay is ALL OF YOU.

The third price IS, LET YOUR EYES OBSERVE MY WAYS. You must be careful. The imbalances in the misuse of the anointing are because most believers don’t know the ways of the Lord.

When God wants to truly anoint you, He will bring you to the school of the spirit and teach you his ways, not the anointing but the ways of THE LORD. That is the mystery of the making of men. He said follow me and I will make you. He first makes you and then empower you. If you do not submit to his making which comes from the word, he builds you up, empowers you then the light from this illumination shines upon you and balances you.

If all you have is the oil you won’t be relevant because the oil finds its expression in the lamp. The lamp is the word of God which is light and life. You will be imbalanced and inaccurate if you do not find expression in the word of God.

There are reasons why we need the anointing

~We need the anointing to subdue forces of darkness that attack our destinies and kingdom advancement.
~ We need the anointing to fulfill your God-given assignment
~You need the anointing because only the anointing can produce God’s dimensions of result to his satisfaction.

The anointing is needed for a lot in kingdom advancement.

We must pay these prices if we most gain/obtain the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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