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Teach Us To Pray [PART 6]

Teach Us To Pray [PART 6]

Topic: Teach Us To Pray {6}

Sub topic: The Art of Prayer

Bible text: Luke11:4a

In the Last part of this series, we talked about the supplicational art of prayer which reveals that we go to the presence of the Father as His Child for our needs and not as a servant or beggar. Today we proceed to another art which is Forgiveness or Remission Prayer. Trusting the Holy Spirit for His Light and utterances again.

And FORGIVE us our SINS; for we also FORGIVE every one that is indebted to US…”{ Luke11:4a}.

Forgiveness Prayer is asking for God’s leniency towards an offence committed{Ps51:1-5, James2:13}.

As far as we put on this mortal flesh, there is tendency to transgress or go against the Holy will of God{Ps103:8-14, 1Jn1:8-10, 1Jn2:1-2}.

However it is the Will of God for us to walk with Him in Purity and Righteousness all the time because it quickens our spiritual growth of becoming like Jesus {Gen17:1, Jn15:14-15, Rom6:1-23, James1:13-16, 1Peter1:14-16, 1Jn3:2-9}.

As Believers we need to also know that Forgiveness Prayer has a condition which is to always be ready to forgive our offenders as well {Matt6:14-15, Matt18:21-35, Acts7:58-60}.

As it is possible to transgress against God, we also offend our fellow human beings and neighbors. It’s necessary to seek for their forgiveness {Matt5:23-26, Matt18:15-17}.

We can limit offending God and Man by Loving genuinely in Words and actions with the help of the Holy Spirit { Mark12:30-31, Jn21:3-17, Rom13:8-14, 1Jn3:10-24, Rom8:1-14, Heb12:24}.

 We seek for God’s forgiveness when we:

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1. Go against His Commandments of Holiness: {Isa59:1-3, 2 Chronicles 7:14-15, Gal5:19-21, 1Jn1:9}.

2. Don’t show love to our neighbors: {Jn15:12, 1Jn4:7-20, Jam4:17}.

3. Don’t Preach the gospel: { Jn15:2,16; 1 Cor9:16, Mark16:15}.

4. Forsake His Presence: { Jn21:3, Jonah21:3, 2:7-8, Heb10:23-25}.

5. Don’t pray for others: { Eze22:30-31, Luke18:1, Eph6:18}.

Any of these sins can be an hindrance to our prayers and intimate relationship with God if forgiveness is not humbly ask for{ Gen3:22-24, Ps51:11, Isa59:2, Luke18:10-14, Jn15:6-16, James 5:15-16, Rev3:16}.

Verse of the day:

“If MY PEOPLE, which are called by my NAME, shall HUMBLE themselves, and PRAY, and seek my FACE, and turn from their WICKED ways; then will I HEAR from heaven, and will FORGIVE their SIN, and will HEAL their LAND. Now mine EYES shall be OPEN, and mine EARS attent unto the PRAYER that is made in this PLACE.” { 2Chronicles7:14-15}

Action Point: Don’t be too Proud and Ignorant to ask for forgiveness from God when you sinned against Him. God resist the Proud. Ignorance of a believer as regarding Sin can also kill him. { James4:7-10, Hosea4:6, Ps82:6-7, Rev3:5}.


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