Teach Us To Pray [PART 5]

Teach Us To Pray [PART 5]

Topic: Teach Us To Pray {5}

Sub-topic: The Art of Prayer

Bible text: Luke11:3

In the Last part of this series, we talked about intercession prayer where we stand in gap for others to establish the kingdom will of God for their lives. Today we proceed to the Supplication art of Prayer. In other word known as Petition. Trusting the Holy Spirit for His utterance and illumination again.

 “Give Us day by day our daily BREAD” { Luke11:3}.

Supplication Prayer is a humble reqest to God for believers needs. It is also called Petition Prayer. { 1Sam1:17, 1John5:14-15}.

Whenever Prayer is mentioned, this is what easily comes to our mind i.e asking from God. Whereas Supplication is just an aspect/kind  of Prayer. We spend much time and energy bombarding heavens with our request ignorantly which is not supposed to be so. What is NEEDED MOST in this kind of prayer is Living faith, Revelation and Trust in the written word of God, not the carnal energy we exert on it.{ Matt6:25-33, Jn14:14, Lukes12:29-33, James1:7-8}.

The daily Bread is for all children of God who depend and trust in Him as their Abba Father.{Matt15:26}. So if you’re reading this and you are yet to be identified with Jesus the Son of God, you can do that now by accepting, believing and confessing the Name of Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour{Rom4:9-13}. Hustling is not for the children of God. It’s for the Fatherless{Prov4:14-17}.

As heirs of the kingdom of God through Christ Jesus we could supplicate for the following:

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1. Physical needs: These are needs of the body for physical growth and development e.g Food, clothing, shelter, money etc {Ps23:1, Matt7:7-8, James1:17, Phil4:19}.

2. Spiritual needs: These are needs of the spirit man for spiritual growth and maturity: Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, gifts of the Spirit, Faith, Favour, Revelation, Miracles etc{ James1:5, 1Cor14:1,  Col1:9-11, Dan4:17-19, Mark9:24}.

3. Emotional needs:These are the needs of the soul for balanced mind e.g Joy, Comfort, Marital partner, Courage { Josh1:9, Isa34:16,12:3 }.

4. Sound health: Healing of the Body and diseases for physical well being{ James5:15, 1Peter2:24}.

5. Fruitfulness: This is needed for fulfilment of God’s purpose in Life e.g Fruit of the womb, promotion, prosperity, good success, standard job, promotion, saved souls{ Gen1:26, Psa127:3-4, Deut28:3-13, 3John2, John15:16}.

6. Protection and Security: Divine Guardiance for the body, soul and spirit{Ps121:3-8, 127:1-2, Proverbs18:10}.

7. Mercy of the Lord: Divine help of  God to make it physically, spiritually and eternally without struggling { Psalms121:1-2, Isa55:3, Rom9:11-18, Heb4:16, Jude1:2, 21}. This is the king and apex of supplication.

In supplication Prayer we engaged the following instrument for quick answers to our petition and request on time:

1. The Written Word of God: Read, Believe and confess the Word of God always not minding what your optical eyes is seeing. { Rom10:17, Heb10:38, 11:1; Rom8:16-17, Heb4:12 Eph3:20}.

2. Angels: Send the angels on assignment to bring whatever you need, they are children of God’s servant. Don’t make them useless{ Heb1:7,14; Gen22:7-13, Matt4:11}.

3. Principle of sowing: Be addicted to giving cheerfully and joyfully to God and man{Mal3:10-12, Prov3:1-10, Luke6:38, 2Cor9:6-10}.

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4. Obedient and Thanksgiving: Be obedient to God’s instructions i.e live holy, thank  God always and appreciate every help you receive from human{ Deut28:1-2, Exo15:26, Phil4:6, Rom4:20, Matt14:19-20}.

Verse of the Day:

“And WHATSOEVER ye shall ASK in my NAME, that will I DO, that the Father may be GLORIFIED in the Son. If ye shall ASK ANY THING in my name, I will DO IT{ John14:13-14}.

Action Point: Put into action every revelation that has been shared here. Go to throne of the Father, and receive that which GRACE has provided with your Faith. I await your bountiful testimonies.

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