Teach Us To Pray [PART 4]

Teach Us To Pray [PART 4]

 Topic: Teach Us To Pray {4}

Sub topic: The Art of Prayer

Bible text: Luke11:2b

In the Last part of this topic, we looked at the art of prevailing prayer that gives us the access of operating in the high power of God and making His Will to come to pass in our Life.

Today we proceed to another kind of Prayer which is Intercession as the Holy Spirit gives utterance and light.

“Thy KINGDOM COME. Thy WILL be done, as in Heaven, So in Earth”{Luke11:2b}.

I still see the Lord teaching us the art of Intercession in this same verse.

Intercession is the act of intervening. It is a kind of Prayer to God on behalf of another Person. It is a selfless Prayer where we enforce the Will of God in the compartment that is needed here on Earth{Isa9:7}.

As Children of God we need to intercede for:

1. Nations, State, Community and Society: {Psa122:6, Isa62:6, Gen18:23-32}.

2. Our Families: { Job1:5, Gen25:21, 48:14-16}.

3. Leaders: Spiritual, Political, Military, Secular etc {1Tim2:1-3, Matt26:37-38, Acts12:1-5}.

4. Church of God:{Acts4:24-31, John17:20-21, Matt16:18}.

5. Unsaved Sinners:{Psalms2:8, Isa53:12, Rom10:1}.

6. Saints of God{ Phil1:9-11, Col1:9, 2Thess1:10-12}.

7. Friends and Neighbors{Jobs42:10}

8. Our Enemies { Matt5:44-45, Luke23:33-34, Acts7:59-60}.

9. Sick and feeble ones{ James5:14-16}.

10. The needy{ Phil4:19}.

   In Intercessory Prayer, we engage the Ministry of the Holy Spirit MORE by itemising the subject of our Intercession in a list and press more in the Holy Ghost Utterance. In other words, mention the people, areas or things you want to intercede on and Pray more in TONGUES about them.

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“Likewise the SPIRIT also HELPETH our INFIRMITIES: for we know NOT what we should pray for as we OUGHT: but the Spirit itself maketh INTERCESSION for US with GROANINGS which cannot be UTTERED. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because He maketh INTERCESSION for the SAINTS according to the WILL OF GOD.”{Rom8:26-27}.

Intercessory Prayer is one of the ways we obey the commandment of Love and fulfil our priesthood ministry in Christ Jesus. No one does this and he won’t have Power, Blessings and Dominion with men{Exo40:15, Rev5:10}.

Verse of the Day:  “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, PRAYERS, INTERCESSIONS, and giving of thanks, be made for ALL MEN;”{ 1Tim2:1}.

Action point: Spend at least 30 minutes daily interceding for the above groups mentioned  in this message.


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