Relationship Lessons To Carry Into 2022 (Part 2) – Miracle Femi Lazarus

1. Stop jumping from one sister to another with “God said” Enough is Enough.

2. Communicate well
Talk and listen to what your partner says. Learn to listen to your partner’s point of view and think from their perspective before jumping to conclusions

3. Always be honest
But don’t be brutally honest. When it comes to criticism we are all rather sensitive, so learn to communicate your honesty in a sweet way.

4. Don’t be a “ I’m planning to” brother. Have dreams and work towards them.

5. Don’t start relationship with a woman with the mindset of changing her. Only God changes people.

6. Friend Zone/ brother zone
Don’t zone yourself with the hope of maybe she will consider you, learn to accept and embrace rejection.

7. Don’t awaken her emotions when you know you don’t want her. You will be calling her everytime like she’s your partner already. what’s the meaning of that? It’s like you partner with Mtn abi

8. If you like her, pray about it and take action accordingly. I don’t want to hear story that touches

9. Please, get your life together before looking for a life partner.

10. Take good care of yourself, dress well, enough of baggy trousers like zualakate, brush your teeth. wear nice perfume, please be merciful unto us, to smell nice is an act of mercy. You gerrit?

11. If she’s already in a relationship, don’t even bother to convince her to abandon her current relationship for you. If you are so convinced she’s the one for you, go back to God in prayers.

12. If she’s showing interest in you, let her know what your intentions are early, don’t waste time.

13. Don’t think because she’s now in a relationship with you, you own her, No! You don’t. Remember, she has where she is coming from. Don’t make decisions for her she has her own mind.

Finally, Matthew 6:33
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Peace I leave with you .

Written by: Miracle Femi Lazarus

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