Rejoice at His Word – By Oyekunle Sunday

Rejoice at His Word – By Oyekunle Sunday

Topic: Rejoice at His Word
Bible text: Jeremiah15:16

“Thy WORDS were FOUND, and I did EAT them; and thy word was unto me the JOY and REJOICING of mine HEART: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.”
Every word of God in the scriptures are mysteries. Anytime you found the Word{i.e revelation}, your prompt response should be outward expression of Joy which is a show of gratitude to the Spirit of God who is the revealer.

The more you appreciate the rhema of His Word, the more you see the Light of God’s Word. It’s this Light that makes you strong and indomitable.{John6:63, Ps119:130, Eph6:10-17}.
You can find the Word of God when:

  1. You listen attentively with all readiness of mind to a preacher or teacher of God’s Word whose divine utterances is given to {Mark4:1-10, 1Cor2:4-8, Acts17:11-12, Eph6:19}.
    I remembered few weeks ago, I was teaching Sunday school class. After teaching the outlines, I asked if there’s any question as a good teacher will do. I saw a young boy beaming with Joy and I was surprised. The young boy’s mother stood up and explained the source of the lad’s expression of Joy. She said during the course of the teaching, I already answered one of the most puzzling question to the boy which he has been asking her for days. So therefore, the light the boy got from the teaching makes him to be very happy. What a glorious God we serve!
  2. You find the Word of God when you personally study the Bible diligently and dig deep by the Help of the Holy Spirit { 1Cor2:9-11, Ps42:7, Matt5:6}.
    When you study the Word of God with questions in your heart and purpose of feeding your spirit man, the Word of God will surely open to you and the outward effect is Joy because you’re discovering the treasure of the Kingdom{Mark4:11-20}.
    When this begin to happen IN you, studying the Word of God becomes appealing because it will occasionally look like watching a sensational season movie that cannot end{Rev1:1-19}.
  3. You also find the Word of God when you pray and sing in tongues more. When you pray in tongues, you’re speaking mysteries in the spirit realm, the result you get is deeper revelation of the Word of God {1Cor14:2}. This revelation can come to you anywhere, anytime. Because I am addicted to praying in the Holy Ghost, at times I received revelation of the Word of God in my sleep, bathroom, restroom, while walking, during brethren service, reading Christian literatures or viewing edifying movies.
    Praying in tongues always, makes you receive revelation always. Therefore be expectant always {1Cor14:18, 2Cor12:1-2}.
    In conclusion: The more the revelation of the Word of God, the more your Joy. The more your Joy in the Lord, the more your strength to live the Christian Life and overcome every obstacles of Life{Phil3:10, Eph1:17-23, John16:24, Neh8:10}.

Verse of the day:
” But He answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” { Matt4:4}.

Action point:
Value the Word of God above everything else in this World. The Word of God is eternal while the World is temporary. He that lives by the Word lives forever.


©Oyekunle Sunday


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