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femilazarus1 A mentally challenged woman gave birth to a baby girl, then you suddenly begin to wonder what the girl had done wrong to deserve the challenges ahead of her. The Pain of going through life around people who knows the story of how she was born, of which some will always find every means possible to remind her of her root out of either hatred or insensitivity.

Probably it may be difficult to relate with such story. It may even be a normal thing to see children abandoned by their fathers in the hands of their mothers, but there are also cases of children abandoned by their mothers and left to die in dustbins or by the side of the road. They grow up with the knowledge with so many questions on their minds; they wonder what they had done wrong to deserve that kind of unfair judgement from God. Until they grow into the knowledge of God as love, they will see God as the reason for their pains.

There are also cases of Children whose fathers died while the mother was pregnant and the mother also died while giving birth. The family will definitely see the child as an evil child, the one who has brought all the misfortunes to the family, they have their own pains also.

From my few years of pastoring People, I have learnt to deal with cases apart from individuals, and deal with individuals with the consciousness of where they are coming from. If you look at life very well, you will discover that people don’t start life on equal levels, but every man has a measure of Grace that is enough to confront their own individual mountains. If you ever feel you are from a very bad background, it is because God has seen that you are the only one who can be a solution to the problem of that home, so He gave gifts (you) to men (the family). If the problem is still existing, it is not a God problem, it is a YOU problem, look inward and discover that there is a measure of Grace within you that is capable of bringing down those mountains.
Refuse to wallow in self pity, dust yourself up realizing that in you lies the greatest strength in the universe. You have been trusted with mountains, don’t disappoint!

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Femi Lazarus
January 16 2020.


Newbirthminds is a ministry put together by the leading of the Holy Spirit, committed to raising and helping people live 24/7 for Jesus, and that these people will, in turn, lead others to do the same.

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