Power Circle Part 2 – By Pastor Daniel Olawande

Power Circle Part 2 – By Pastor Daniel Olawande

Let me confess here, a mentee called me one day and spoke about how that he is finishing the Bible in 3 months, I was like wow, I prayed for him but immediately I told myself if my mentee is finishing the Bible in 3 months I must do it too, so I knew I needed motivation if I won’t stop on the way, I called some people that I have authority over, I said if I am your leader we are going to be reading the Bible daily and finish in 3 months, they had no choice, they thought I was helping them, they didn’t know I needed them as a motivation, we started and we finished in 2 months and 2 weeks. Although the guy who motivated me didn’t finish eventually but he has challenged me.

My wife too is another member of my power circle, most times I wake up to see her praying, I will be like, I need help oo, if me the pastor is sleeping and the pastor’s babe is praying, then the pastor needs help, so I will then go out for prayer walk. We need such motivations around us.

People who will push you to read, pray, study, give, it was uche Dunamis hub that gave me a message of someone that said he gave God his first 1 million and I vowed that when I make my first 1 million I will do the same, thank God I did, you need a power circle.

People might misunderstand you, they might say you are trying to outdo them or use their own dealings to judge your life , but to thy own self be true, please ensure you stay motivated, haba I ask questions ooo, I asked a brother that I saw great grace on his life, hello bro please how do you pray?, how many hours do you pray?, what are your prayer points,thank God I learnt some great things also.

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A pastor friend told me that he prayed 15 hours after he heard me say I pray 13 hours non stop and I was like wao ok, it’s time to upgrade and I went 38 hours although I had breaks in between, I know that, if he reads this now, he will want to do 40 hours, this how believers should relate.

Who are your power circle
They might not be popular but you need people who will ginger you to do more.


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