Pictures – By Onilude Segun

Pictures – By Onilude Segun

The human mind specializes in forming images of events and realities that are not yet present to the senses — this process is referred to as imagination. It is for this reason that when you read books or listen to people talk , your mind will always attempt to form pictures out of those communications to interpret them.

This is to make you understand that realities in life are first picture-sized , and for you to have it in your hands you must first see it in your heart.

It is essential I write this to you at this time because usually people make attempts to experience realities on the outside when it has not been crystallized in their heart first, and what happens is that in no time those realities falls back to the level of the pictures in their hearts.

Your environment will always respond to the pictures in your heart — Col. Moyo Akin-ojo

Many components in life works together to form the pictures in our heart, and you pay attention to each of them to enlarge the pictures in our heart, some of them are:

  • Who/What you listen to — usually what we hear from time to time constitute the most dominant thoughts in our heart , you must see to it that you filter what you hear so that your mind may not be corrupted.
  • The circle you belong to — walk with people that exemplify the kind of results you desire. People that tell you that the big realities you want to experience is not impossible and can be achieved.
  • Your environment — it is said that to change your life, you have to change your environment. To build large pictures you must put yourself in an environment where possibilities are the norm and that can enhance your growth and development.
  • The books you read — it is good to read , as a matter of fact reading is an integral part of development in any aspect of life. However, when you read, be sure to read constructively. Vet the reputation and track record of the author of the book you want to read before reading especially when they are authors you don’t know before.
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You will be the same person you are today in next five years, except for what you read and the people you walk with — Nelson Searcy

Finally, the process of enlarging the pictures in your heart is a continuous process as there will always more boundaries to rise above in life. To see you break limits is my greatest desire in life, that is why I write to you from time to time.
Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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