Obedience: Gateway To Maximizing The Blessedness Of Our Promised Land – Bishop David Abioye

The Promised land is not a lawless land.
Every blessed land is governed by rules. How well you keep the law depends on how well you enjoy the land.

Wise people always look for instructions to comply with; the more you obey, the less you pray.
Instead of seeking for the promises, seek for the instructions.

All answers to prayers always ends with instructions of what to do.

What is Obedience?
Obedience is

  • keeping God’s precepts-Deut. 28:1
  • Doing His instructions.
  • Walking in all His ways

Every instruction of God is tied to time.
God’s Word is like a sharp knife. When it is not in use, it loses it’s effect.

How to Enrich your Obedience:

  1. Willingness – Isa. 1:19
    Anyone that is willing won’t struggle to obey God instructions
  2. Prompt Obedience
    God is patient but does not waste time.
  3. Full Obedience – 1 Sam 15:3
    Half obedience is also as the same as full disobedience, and half obedience is a risk.
  4. Delightsome obedience- Gen. 22:5, Ps. 112:2, Eph 2:2
  5. Joyful obedience – Deut. 28:47-48
  6. Tireless Obedience – Gen. 17:10, 24:2
    Both obedience and disobedience have spiritual roots

The Benefits of Obedience in the Land:

  1. Dominion – Deut. 11:23
  2. Supernatural triumph over your enemies – Deut. 11:25

Source: Ndepo TV

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