1. IF YOU CANNOT SUBMIT yourself to higher authority.

2. IF YOU FIND IT difficult to accept corrections.

3. IF YOU ARE TOO BIG to say “sorry”.

4. IF YOU THINK THAT your success or achievements are based on your efforts.

5. IF YOU DON’T HAVE respect for people.

6. IF YOU ARE ALWAYS feeling superior to others.

7. IF YOU ALWAYS WANT TO CONTROL or dominate others.

8. IF YOU THINK THAT YOU are better than other people.

9. IF YOU CANNOT WORK UNDER those with lesser qualifications.

10. IF YOU ALWAYS WANT PEOPLE to respect and honour you.

11. IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO notice you anywhere you go.

12. IF YOU ARE A GRADUATE AND YOU feel too big to do any small job till you get a big one.

13. IF YOU CANNOT MARRY those with lesser qualifications(especially as a female).

14. IF YOU ARE ALWAYS ANGRY at those who correct you.

15. IF YOU AVOID THOSE who criticise you.

16. IF YOU FEEL too big to learn.

17. IF YOU FEEL ASHAMED to ask questions about what you don’t know.

18. IF YOU ARE ALWAYS BRAGGING about your achievements/connections.

19. IF YOU DON’T CONSIDER IT NECESSARY TO SAY “thank you” to those who help you.

20. IF YOU DESIRE TO ALWAYS BE addressed by your title.

21. IF YOU THINK THAT NOBODY knows more than you.

22. IF YOU THINK THAT YOU CANNOT make mistakes.

23. IF YOU ARE FOND OF BLAMING OTHERS for your actions/inactions

24. IF YOU THINK THAT YOU KNOW everything in life.

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Pride destroys glory.
Pride devalues grace and anointing.

26. WHEN YOU CANNOT MAKE A CHANGE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE and accept adequate corrections.

27. WHEN YOU LOOK AT THOSE WHO HELPED you to get to the top as nothing.

28. WHEN YOU REFUSED TO APPRECIATE THOSE who have been a blessing to your life even when you have over enough to do so.

29. WHEN THE MESSAGE OF GOD HAS NO VALUE OR MEANING TO YOU through the same man of God or person God has tremendously used for your uplift.

30. WHEN YOU ARE TOO officious about position.
Don’t be conscious of title be humble Remember ” _God resists the proud but gives Grace to the humble_ .”


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