My dear friend, every man at every point in life has a desire or a reality he seeks to experience, and for every of his desires there is something that sponsors the need for it, this thing is what determines how he will channel his energy to bring that desire to pass , it is this same thing that makes people either very determined or extremely obstinate to bring a desire to actualization — motives.

Motive refers to the reason(s) for which you desire a particular result, it is the major element that determines how far you will go and where you will turn to to get result in life. At every point in time , you have to pause in the middle of your activities and get to know what actually drives you to do what you do.

Many times , we see two people who has the same desires , but their motives for having that result may be different. There is a Mr A. who wants to be wealthy for the single purpose of showing off ,and living an ostentatious life , and there is another Mr B. who wants to be wealthy for the primary purpose of being able to cater for his family and extending help to other people in the society.

These distinct motives will be obvious in the approach that each of them implements in bringing their desires to reality, Mr A. will go any length and do anything (legal and illegal) out of desperacy to actualize his desires , while Mr B. on the other side , will be systematic, diligent and patient in his approach and will only do legally acceptable things to bring his desires to actualization and the interesting part is this: when they both achieves their aims ,their motives will also determine how they manage the money , how they spend it and operate with it.

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Motives is everything in bringing your desires to pass, before you launch out in action , know the why. Never launch out without ironing this part out. And of course, let your why be positive , it helps to channel your energy right and implement the right methods in getting result. Any motives that seeks to prove a point, show off , kick others out or intimidate them is a wrong motive. The right motive is that which seeks to help others and be a source of inspiration to others.

Take that pause now , identify the motive behind that desire and rework it if need be to the right one.

Do take care of yourself , and be full of life in subsequent days. I love you and hope to see you soon.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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