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Dear Reader, we are happy to announce to you that you can now easily access your favourite NBM Articles, all in one App. Get to read Christian motivational Articles, listen to podcast and download. You can also check our official social media accounts and the website via the App.

Readability (Friendly), Easy To Use.

Newbirthminds Mobile App comes with some cool features;

  • Dual Theme (Black/White)
  • Podcast Module
  • Easy Share Icon
  • Download Module
  • Multi-Article Layout Style
  • Notifications Sound Enabled (Optional)
  • Flashlight Notification, Ringtone, Vibrate (Optional)
  • Language Translation
  • Easily Search For Your Favorite NBM Articles
  • Comments Box Enabled
  • Explore Module
  • Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, instagram)
  • And Lots more…..

How To Use App

Download App Via The Links Below

Install App

Via The Navigation Tab, Click Sync Now (Ensure your phone has an internet connection)

Wait For A Few Seconds

(After Sync, you can disable your data connection!)

Start Reading!!!


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New: Download Version 2 (Latest Version) Click HERE

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