Mighty Men Are Rising – Apostle Joshua Selman

Mighty Men Are Rising – Apostle Joshua Selman


Listen let me tell you a generation is coming that it will be an honor for Kings to host us.
It will not be us luretering around the house of Parliament trying to look for a say, there is a dimensions of kingdom power that will submit, it will cost territories to submit to the name of the lord.

I know it will happen in my lifetime, yes sir, I know it will happen.
We will wear the devil out and let him Know that when Jesus says it is finished he meant it.

A day will come when if you don’t sell Christian music you will go down, listen it has nothing to do with sentiment, because that’s the only music that can Excel………………..

A day will come when if you stand for a job and say am a Christian, i saw you in Rauch conference yes you have the job, because that authomatically mean you have been submerged under heavy kingdom mentorship, you have become an advantage to that cooperation…….

Time will come when visitors will come to our homes and our children will greet them, they will not slap them because of what they watched on TV…………. They will say where do you learn that,. And will respond that’s all i have learn.

A day will come when Christians will begin to introduce new curriculum in our schools……………

A time will come when individuals and churches will build cities, I mean this seriously, cities……
The Bible calls us light it’s not a proverb, let proof it.
And whithin month we have created what looks like Christ.

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