Make it happen

Make it happen

Make it happen

Dear friend,

There is this common saying in Spanish “Que sera sera” (meaning Whatever will be , will be). How valid or true this saying is will be concluded by you after reading this letter. Follow me

It is true that God our creator has good plans for us and has destined us for great exploits in respective sphere. But we get to the extreme of the matter when we believe that’s all there is to bringing those good plans to play in our life.

I want you to know this , unless man make a move ,God will appear handicap on earth. You will remember in one of my recent letters to you, I explained to you about the sovereignty of God and the instrumentality of men in bringing dreams to reality.

I will show you few instances to back up my assertion:

First, it is true that God wanted to you to come to this world and become all that He has destined you to be , but that only became a reality because a woman (your mum) availed herself to convey you down here. If she had aborted you, I wouldn’t have someone to write this letter to as my dear friend.

Also, if God has destined that you will be a very successful business man on earth, do you think it will ever come to pass if you had sat down in your house since when you were young and have refused to acquire relevant knowledge — reverse will be the case.
I said all those to point out something to you:You have a major role to play in bringing your dreams to reality.

I understand you have tried over and over again ,yet things seems not to be happening — hey friend, its too late to quit ,you are only permitted to quit when you have won , until then keep pushing, victory is assured! Pick yourself up and start again , learn from your setbacks rather than resorting hopelessly that reality will meet you at your comfort.

Rise up today and make it happen , remember , whatever will be ,will be only if you make it happen.

I hope my letter met you well and you were greatly edified. To see you rise to the top is my utmost desire,and I until I see you there I won’t stop writing to you.

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Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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