1. KNOW YOUR WORTH: Most ladies don’t know their worth that is why they fling themselves at any man who shows interest in them. When you know your worth, you will know a man worthy of your time and attention.

2. PACKAGE YOURSELF FOR EXCELLENCE: Don’t look, dress, walk and act like a slob! No one will respect you! Reflect excellence in your dressing, carriage and actions.

3. TALK SENSE: When you open your mouth and people are nodding in wander, respect and admiration, your words carry weight. Be a woman full of wisdom!

4. KEEP YOUR LAPS CLOSED: One sure way to prove you lack self respect, dignity and class is to open your legs for a man you are not married to. You’ve thrown yourself dignity right out of the window. You lack integrity, self honour and value.

5. MAKE YOUR OWN MONEY: Take good care of yourself, pay your bills so guys won’t be using your lack of money to buy your senses, virginity, present, future and destiny! Money is power! It gives you an edge over time wasters and empowers you to focus on who is most important and worthy of your time, resources and most importantly your heart.

6. SERVE GOD: Most ladies weeping they need a husband should get good brooms and sweep their churches clean before members arrive. No one gets to the top without serving! No man wants to marry a liability, a leech, a sucker, an idle lady who adds no value whatsoever to nobody! Rachael was taking care of her dad’s sheep when Jacob saw her! Rebeccah fetched several liters of water for thirsty camels to drink! She was working when father Abraham’s servant saw her and got married to a wealthy man’s son just like that! Ruth was a super hard worker when her husband saw her! God doesn’t dash lazy, idle ladies to his godly sons! That was how Eve brought ruin to human kind if not for God’s mercies we should all burn in hell! Idleness and senseless, useless talk caused it!

If you don’t find a job, get busy with your studies, career, business and spiritual life, you will end up a gossip and bring ruin to your life and marriage!

An idle hand is the devil’s workshop!

7. BE HUMBLE not stupid. Don’t look down on anybody and don’t allow anybody look down on you. That is a balance.

May your own soul mate locate you this year.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2021.


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