In the first part of this series, I discussed with you the place of a compelling vision in the journey to realizing your dreams. However, it is also important to note that another important function of the vision is to fuel your energy to labour diligently in the relevant area where the actualization of your dreams is concerned.

It is easy to covet trailblazing results when we see it, but the issue with most people is that they are not ready to go through the corresponding diligence that births the results they admire, but it doesn’t work that way. Success doesn’t just jump on people by wishing, a corresponding effort must be put in place to actualize it.

There are some popular beliefs that can negatively affect your disposition to be diligent with your responsibility in realizing your dreams, you should’ve aware of and flee from the deceit they breed; they are :
“What will be, will be”
This saying postulates that with or without any effort if you are destined to attain certain heights in life, you will surely get there.

The truth of the matter is that even the people who proclaim this belief and hold on to it know within their heart that it is not true, because, for some of them that have attained a good level of education they know fully well that if they had not put in the requisite effort in the different class levels in school they would not have been awarded the certificate of completion for the level of education they possess, the same thing applies in every other aspect of life, there is a commensurate action you must take dutifully to see the vision you desire to come to fruition.

“All successful people are just lucky enough to have been at the right place at the right time”
While the “right place, right time” concept is true, you must understand that the concept does not in any way demand hard work. As a matter of fact , the people who are products of time chance are the ones who had something to offer when opportunity showed up. Even when favor wants to work for you, there is something you have to give favor to carry to the heart of people that matters concerning you.

My dear friend, labor is not a curse word, rather it is an honorable quality. True patience in the period of expectation is expressed in your ability to stay consistent and be diligent with what you have in your hands until the door opens not laziness and mediocrity.

Therefore, shun procrastination and laziness, get your hands busy with that which inclines to the destination where the desires of your heart lie, surely “if wishes were horses, beggars will ride.”

Your friend,
Segun Onilude.

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