IT WON’T WORK (WITHOUT LOVE) – BeGreat Devotional – April 10

IT WON’T WORK (WITHOUT LOVE) – BeGreat Devotional – April 10

Scripture Reference:

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or clanging cymbal” – 1 Corinthians 13: 1-8

Have you ever tried using your run-down phone without charging it. No matter how many times you cry, pray over it or shout at it, it won’t work until you charge it. A lot of Christians lack fruits in their lives, though they seem to be spiritual and do spiritual things.

What is lacking is the force of love. Love is the bedrock on which other spiritual forces stand. The truth is that if you have strife in your heart, even if you pray in tongues all day long, you won’t have results.

How you treat people, particularly those closest to you, is directly linked to how much of God’s blessings you enjoy. Love is kind, love is patient. Love is not boastful, love is not self-seeking. Love does not dishonor others.

Look at these traits of love and ask yourself if that can be said about you.  When you’re insensitive to people and the way you respond to them, it will tell on the quality of blessings in your life. Love is a commandment. And we have love already in us by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us. So the potential to love is there, we just need to cultivate it by practicing it daily. The more we love, the better we are at it.

Be quick to forgive when someone hurts you. Decide not to keep record of the hurts and wrongs, and you’ll be practicing love. Be patient with your spouse when they are letting out a frustration. Don’t be quick to respond in a bid to defend yourself. And you’ll be walking in love.

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These are just a few ways we can choose to love irrespective of our feelings. And when we love, you can be sure that huge blessings await you.

Further reading; John 15:12-13, Romans 5:5

Prayer: Father, thank you for pouring your own love in me. I know I can walk in love by the Holy Spirit who indwells me. So today, I choose to walk in love consciously. I will be patient and kind. I will not be selfish. I will respect and honor others. I am a love being and I bear love fruits, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

BeGreat Devotional – April 10


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