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How To Escape The Grasshopper Mindset – By P Daniel Olawande

How To Escape The Grasshopper Mindset – By P Daniel Olawande

Imagine that you were among those twelve spies sent by Moses to check out the land they were to conquer..Read full story in Numbers 13: 17 – 33

Just imagine for a split second that you got the chance to see what those spies saw, how big the inhabitants of the land were, especially the giants, the descendants of Anak, how seemingly insurmountable their walls looked like, how intensely armed and equipped their men of war were, the highest level of fortification, and all of these intimidating details?

What would your response have been?

Please, don’t be quick to say you would have been like Caleb and Joshua. Think about it very well.

Now, in this 21st century, God might not lead you as a believer to physically go to war and claim another territory. But God will lead you to go to war to claim spiritual territories in your industry, in your place of work, in your homes, and as you follow him on a journey to fulfilling His purpose for your life generally.

And there will be gaints! This is unavoidable. Imagine that God tells you to start a foundation for orphans and you have no money and no resource to go about this huge project, that’s literally a GIANT staring at you in the face.

What will you do? What will your report be?

Would you speak like the ten spies who kept seeing themselves as grasshoppers or would you speak like Caleb and Joshua who kept declaring that the Lord was with them and that it was possible to conquer the land?

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Listen, God will tell you to do impossible things because like Joyce Meyer will say, God didn’t anoint us and give us the Holy Ghost to do a bunch of easy stuff.

You have been anointed for HARD things and until your eyes are open to see the GREATNESS and the INDESCRIBABLE POWER of the GOD that lives in you, you will continue to go through life with the grasshopper mindset.

You will continue to live your life as if you are powerless, small and insignificant.

You will twist God’s plan and God’s purpose for your life because of your distorted focus.

Actually, you should be laser-focused on how BIG your God is instead of how big the giants of life are.

What’s my point? You can’t escape the grasshopper mindset if your eyes have not been opened to see the greatness of the One who lives in You.

The only way to escape this terrible mindset is to continually fix your focus on how BIG your God is. Focus on God’s track record of doing IMPOSSIBLE things.

Right now, you can ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you.

Source: P. Daniel’s Blog


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