I was in the same university with my husband, in the same medical school; I was in my fourth year and I had never seen him. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know if I had ever came across him in another part of the campus. We were both in the medical school but in different classes. I didn’t recognize him.

I went to a fellowship in one of the long vacation where it was only medical students that were left in school because we don’t have holidays and he was the one that was preaching that day. I sat there and I was listening to the preaching and I was like, “who is this guest minister? Where did he come from?” Because I had never seen him. Of course he knew me because I was the professor’s daughter. My father taught all of us in physiology in the medical school. They knew the professor’s daughter.

He had made this call, “if you want to go deeper in your relationship with God come…” and I wanted more fire so I had come out with other people. He prayed for all of us. After that meeting that day, he said “sister have you ever prayed in tongues for one hour at a stretch?” I said “can any body pray in tongues for one hour stretch?” He said “definitely… this is your assignment, you go do that”. One thing led to another and then, cut long story short, here we are, married today.


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