HOW BELIEVERS DO THEIR DATING – Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo

By Divine Design, Attraction Between Opposite Sexes is BIBLICAL, NORMAL, NATURAL AND BENEFICIAL. Truly, Opposites attract as it is often Said. But a mere Feeling of attraction and Attachment for the opposite Sex is not a NO to build a meaningful and Lasting Relationship like Marriage!

It takes more than just the feeling or attraction to sustain a marital Relationship.

Marriage is a Lifelong Relationship. Therefore, it should be consciously entered into.

In Marriage, You’re indeed permitted to find your Spouse. And this Process of finding begins with DATING.


Indeed the subject of Dating can be a very touching one for Christians of all Ages. The Dictionary however defines Dating as a Stage of Romantic Relationship whereby TWO PEOPLE meet Socially with the aim of accessing the others suitability as a prospective Marriage Partner.

As Christians, the Bible does not endorse the Recreational or ‘ Shopping around ‘ kind of Dating that the world Practices today. Dating as a Christian should be INTENTIONAL. And every young fellow needs to understand this as well as Parents.

Dating is part of the Process of Finding an appropriate person of the opposite sex who you would spend the rest of your life with in Marriage. To be Sensible on the other hand means to do or to choose something in accordance with wisdom or Prudence.

EVERY BELIEVER HAS A DATING GUIDE; THE BIBLE. It teaches you what it means to Love another Person. How to date with Wisdom and how to build a Successful Relationship. It’s wisdom to hold on to this word of God.

To be continued…


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