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Handling Criticisms – Onilude Segun

Handling Criticisms – Onilude Segun

In the first part of the series, I made it known to you that the man in the spotlight automatically finds himself in a place where more people are concerned about his actions and some go to the extent of making their opinions about his action known.

Usually , of all the forms of opinion that people give about the person the spotlight, the one that gets at him the most is the expression of disapproval on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes on the part of the man in the spotlight , commonly known as criticism.

This criticism can come in any of these two different forms :

  • The first is constructive criticism; a sincere and polite expression of perceived faults in the actions of a person with the sole aim of calling the attention of the person to the faults for adjustment purpose.
    For the person in the spotlight, the way to respond to this form of criticism is to check within yourself critically and sincerely to see if you are truly guilty of what is said and then work on it immediately.
  • The other form is destructive criticism; in this case, the criticism raised (whether the man is guilty or not) is expressed in a manner that is aimed at demeaning the man in the spotlight and sometimes defaming him. For the man in the spotlight, the way to deal with this is to keep his emotions intact and not be subjected to the opinions of men. If he is truly guilty of what he is being criticized for, he should take corrective actions but if not he is should look away from it and keep living as if those thoughts never existed.

The truth is, no matter how good the man in the spotlight is, criticisms will always come up against him. It then becomes his responsibility to address accordingly as suggested in the outline above.

When you find yourself in the spotlight, my dear friend, be careful not to live to please people; instead, hold on to what got you there and keep upholding it as you grow to be a better version of yourself. When your attention is drawn to a flaw in you, identify and address it , any other negative opinion with the goal of dragging you , should be treated as ordinary as it already is.

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Your friend,
Segun Onilude.


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