For Such a Time as This – Crosswalk Devotional – January 14

For Such a Time as This – Crosswalk Devotional – January 14

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For Such a Time as This
By Debbie McDaniel

“And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” – Esther 4:14

God is the only One, who has the power to turn trials into blessings. Don’t ever doubt that He is Able. Nothing is impossible with Him.

He’s always at work even when we can’t see the whole story, even when things look uncertain.

And that sets the stage for great things to happen, “…for such a time as this.” – Esther 4:14

Queen Esther had a choice. When Mordecai sent word to her about the great danger their people were facing, she could have simply tried to save herself. She could have kept quiet. Just hoped for the best, or turned the other way. But she and Mordecai both knew that God had given her great purpose in her position. She was wise, she made a plan, she didn’t stay stuck in fear or worry, she prayed and fasted, and asked for their people to do the same. She was willing to act, to follow God’s lead, to save the lives of her people, even if it meant she might lose hers. (Read the whole story in the book of Esther)

Though our current situations may look different than what Esther faced, we might still be struggling with great fear or uncertainty. The future may look dark. A hard diagnosis or recent loss may have sent us spiraling. Yet often God places us in positions of influence, or in strategic locations, with great purpose in mind. Many times, the places where we find ourselves is not really “all about us.” It’s about Him. It’s about His bigger plan.null

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May God help us to follow His lead, believing that His timing is perfect, remembering that He’s always faithful.

If you find yourself facing times of trouble or testing right now, be assured that God is at work in your situation. He’s working within you, and on your behalf in all the events that surround you, no matter how difficult. In whatever we face, God is still on the throne. He is powerful, nothing is too difficult for Him.

Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, He will not fail you, or leave you to struggle through on your own. Not ever.

And He is faithful to turn our pain into greater purpose, in our own lives, and for those around us.

Intersecting Faith & Life: If you’re facing uncertainty over the future, or have a big problem that’s troubling you today, give it to God. Again. Be willing to pray, fast, wait for His direction, then act on the wisdom He provides. Know that He is for you, and will never fail. Believe that He is at work, and setting the stage for great things to happen.

Further Reading:
Ephesians 3:20-21
Romans 8:28
Luke 1:37

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